The idea for Xs and Os for Gabby Ann, Petrell's debut book, came about when her daughter (then 2) asked if her daddy's kisses and hugs came from overseas by airplane. It got Petrell thinking...perhaps not by plane, but maybe by way of a silly monkey and a sea creature or two. It's Petrell's hope that the lively journey of the Xs and Os will help children missing a far-away parent to feel a little more at ease at bedtime.  

Petrell lives in South Florida with her family and has called Wisconsin and Ohio home. Her two clever and inspiring children keep her smiling through the chaos and on a never ending search for seashells, garden fairies and geckos.  

Petrell holds a bachelor's degree and an MBA from Marquette University and has a formidable public relations and communications background. Somewhere, there is a missing manuscript about a magic gemstone that she penned in the 4th grade. 

About Petrell Marie Özbay